800-777-4681 — Everything You Need to Know

If you are receiving a call from 800-777-4681, then you are probably a customer of Sprint. It is an internet service provider and a telecommunication company that provides wireless services to consumers all over the world.

However, not all calls coming from 800-777-4681 or Sprint are legitimate. There are scammers who are trying to use the numbers of large companies to steal information from home phone owners.

Here’s some information that you must know in order to avoid scammers over the phone.


Companies like Sprint have their customer service hotline that you can call anytime to find solutions to issues regarding your device or plan. They have different telephone numbers for every department to answer your specific concern such as technical support, customer service, and account or billing information. They have also a different number for sales and international support.

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800-777-4681: Is This From Sprint?

First of all, you will never know who is the caller if you do not answer the unknown call. Unless there is a caller ID indicated, that’s the only way to determine who placed the call. And not all unknown numbers can be considered a scam.

So, if you want to know if the call with the number 800-777-4681 is coming from Sprint, here’s what you need to do.

  • Answer the call especially when the number called you more than once because admittedly, it’s kinda frustrating if your phone rings from time to time.
  • Ask who the caller is and from what company he/she is calling.
  • If you are a customer of Sprint (to where the call is coming from), ask what the purpose of the call.
  • If the call is asking for your personal information (name, address, bank account, family members identification), do not easily give in. Hang the call and try to verify the number as much as possible. Because if the call is from the company which you are patronizing with, the caller must know your basic information.

How to Verify the Call from Sprint

#1. The easiest way to know if the call was legitimate is to look at Sprint’s official website on the internet. They have a list of numbers of different departments in the company. You can call the customer each department and find out if the number is associated with one of the departments.

#2. You can also send an email or chat to inquire about the call.

#3. Join the Sprint’s community forums and find answers from the members. You’ll never know, you are not the only one who received a call from that number.

If you found out that the number is not from Sprint, block the caller and report it to the authorities. Do not hesitate to make an action if you have suspicions.

Where to Contact Sprint

Here are the contact details where you can connect to Sprint’s customer service. You can ask your questions and concerns through these details.

  • Sprint Community
  • Business
  • International
  • 877-877-8748 – Wireline Service Call
  •  1-888-211-4727 – Technical Support
  • 1-800-927-2199 – Customer Support Specialist
  • 1-800-777-4681 – Order and Account Information

In Conclusion

Even after verifying the call, please be aware that scammers can still use it in the future. So, don’t easily give information and deal with unknown people over the phone unless you verified it.

If you have questions and concerns, please leave them inside the comment box below.

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